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2020 - 2021

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Spring Program 2021

Spring Session (11 weeks)

Begins March, 29, 2021

Space Available-SPRING

Kindergarten:  13/16 spaces

1st Grade: 5/16 spaces

2nd Grade: 9/16 spaces

3rd Grade:3/16 Spaces

4th Grade: 9/16 spaces

5th Grade: 9/16 spaces

6th Grade: 3/16 spaces

7th/8th Grade: 10/16 spaces

Spring Session (11 weeks)

Begins March 29, 2021

YAIL Live 2021
Summer Program


June 21 - August 13, 2021 ( 8 weeks)


Space Available-SUMMER

Kindergarten: 16/16 spaces

1st Grade: 14/16 spaces

2nd Grade: 13/16 spaces

3rd Grade: 14/16 Spaces

4th Grade: 12/16 spaces

5th Grade: 16/16 spaces

6th Grade: 13/16 spaces

7th/8th Grade: 14/16 spaces


Begins June 21, 2021

The way we learn has changed and it's continuing to change. Students are learning remotely: learning and advancing no matter where they are at.  During this Coronavirus time, traditional, in-classroom learning is not possible.  Here's where remote learning comes

YAIL Live is Remote Learning & More?

If there's one thing remote learning is missing its interaction.  In a face-to-face, in-person, in-classroom learning, there are other students and teachers.  To overcome this disconnect, we offer blended learning.

What is Remote Learning and How it Benefits Students & Parents?


"I was skeptical about YAIL Live with my kindergartener. But I was very surprised how the teacher was able to keep my kid focus on the task and he likes it... Thank you!"


-Kindergarten Mom-

1st Grade

" We signed up for both math and English. Each subject is 90 minutes long but my kid was able to sit there and learn. A little free time for me! :)"

-1st Grade Parent-

2nd Grade

Amazing 2nd Graders

  Part I

"We were hesitant about online teaching classes but gave it a try with the Free Session offer.  We were so surprised.  It's more than what were expecting.  Just a great program and Mrs. Nguyen is awesome with kids of all level.  My kid loves it. - Parent  YES,

I would recommend this program!!

3rd Grade

"Hi YAIL Live-Just wanted to share that I think YAILlive is a great format and I think you all did a great job coming up with this format in such a quick time.  The kids seemed engaged today, and I think this is hugely beneficial considering how little instruction/interaction they're getting with their teachers now through remote schooling.  Thanks so much!"

  -Twin Mom-

4th Grade

"My kid loves all the interactive games. I like the curriculum. It shows a lot of effort was put into selecting and teaching them. I am happy and will continue until school reopens. Glad we found you online. Great Job! We are very happy."

- My kid & I- 

5th Grade

6th Grade

" My kid can follow and learn. The lessons are challenging but well taught. The homework, which I can print out from home is great. I really like that it's LIVE.  It's interesting that my kid can sit for 90 minutes. Goes to say how effective you guys are. Thank you.

-Happy Dad-

Middle School

"My daughter finds each session helpful. She has no complaint. I am happy that my daughter is continuing to learn new material for both Math and English. We'll continue with your summer program and if needed, your Fall program.  Thank you!"-Parent-

June Special
May Special

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