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YAIL Live Fall Program
2020-2021 Packet

GUSD Negotiation UPDATE

GUSD Proposed Fall Schedule



Fall Session (12 weeks)

Begins August 31, 2020

Space Available-fall

Kindergarten:  13/16 spaces

1st Grade: 6/16 spaces

2nd Grade: 8/16 spaces

3rd Grade:3/16 Spaces

4th Grade: 6/16 spaces

5th Grade: 10/16 spaces

6th Grade: 4/16 spaces

7th/8th Grade: 10/16 spaces

Fall Session (12 weeks)


August 31, 2020


YAIL facilities reopening...

Dear Parents,


Some concerns:


From what we can see, there is a conflict between GUSD and YAIL Live schedule.  As of now, the GUSD schedule is a proposed schedule.  It has not been finalized yet.  We will know more about it by tomorrow, Tuesday.  YAIL Live will make adjustments to our schedule as best as possible to accommodate all students that have enrolled for FALL.  We will know more in the weeks to come and we will update parents when those changes are made.  

Possible changes... YAIL Live classes will start at a much later time.  But even with these changes, for some, the schedule might still do not work. In such a case, YAIL Live will issue a full refund.  We will try our best to accommodate and we apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause. 


YAIL Academy facilities reopening...
We have plans to reopen our facilities in September with limited capacity. We are looking at nine (9) spots per grade level, starting from 2nd - 6th grade.  YAIL Academy will enroll 27 students, YAIL Prep will enroll 18 students and if needed, YAIL Extension will have 18 spots available.  More information to come.  We will have Pre-enrollment and due to limited spaces, we will announce date and time when enrollment will open so every parent will have the opportunity to enroll on a first-come, first-serve basis.  We do not have spaces for everyone so, not every student will be able to enroll and for that, we apologize.  We are planning and making changes to our facilities to meet all State, County, and Local safety requirements.  In addition, we are working on procedures, schedules, and various details to assure safety, and comfort for all students, and staff.  As much as we would like to open our facilities as soon as possible, we will not do so until all safety measures are in place, staff are trained properly and parents and students are aware of all procedures to assure all students and staff are protected and safe.  Everyone's safety is our first priority.  More information TBA.  If you have any questions or concerns, please text me and Mr. Julian at 



Kevin Nguyen

The way we learn has changed and it's continuing to change. Students are learning remotely: learning and advancing no matter where they are at.  During this Coronavirus time, traditional, in-classroom learning is not possible.  Here's where remote learning comes

YAILlive is Remote Learning & More?

If there's one thing remote learning is missing its interaction.  In a face-to-face, in-person, in-classroom learning, there are other students and teachers.  To overcome this disconnect, we offer blended learning.

What is Remote Learning and How it Benefits Students & Parents?


"I was skeptical about YAILlive with my kindergartener. But I was very surprise how the teacher was able to keep my kid focus on the task at and he likes it... Thank you!"


-Kindergarten Mom-

1st Grade

" We signed up for both math and English.  Each subject is 90 minutes long but my kid was able to sit there and learn. A little free time for me! :)"

-1st Grade Parent-

2nd Grade

Amazing 2nd Graders

  Part I

"We were hesitant about online teaching classes but gave it a try with the Free Session offer.  We were so surprised.  It's more than what were expecting.  Just a great program and Mrs. Nguyen is awesome with kids of all level.  My kid loves it. - Parent  YES,

I would recommend this program!!

3rd Grade

"Hi YAILlive-Just wanted to share that I think YAILlive is a great format and I think you all did a great job coming up with this format in such a quick time.  The kids seemed engaged today, and I think this is hugely beneficial considering how little instruction/interaction they're getting with their teachers now through remote schooling.  Thanks so much!"

  -Twin Mom-



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4th Grade

"My kid loves all the interactive games.  I like the curriculum. It shows a lot of effort was put into selecting and teaching them.  I am happy and will continue until school reopens.  Glad we found you online.  Great Job!  We are very happy."

- My kid & I- 

5th Grade

Heading 2

6th Grade

" My kid can follow and learn.  The lessons are challenging but well taught.  The homework, which I can print out from home is great. I really like that it's LIVE.  It's interesting that my kid can sit for 90 minutes.  Goes to say how effective you guys are. Thank you.

-Happy Dad-

Middle School

"My daughter find each session helpful.  She has no complaint.  I am happy that my daughter is continuing to learn new material for both Math and English. We'll continue with your summer program and if needed, your Fall program.  Thank you!"-Parent-

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YAILlive is Remote Learning...




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Amazing 2nd Graders

Part II

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