YAIL Live was put together at the start of the Coronavirus Pandemic. We are an afterschool tutoring center located in the city of La Crescenta, CA. We have been serving La Crescenta and surrounding communities, Glendale, La Canada, and Pasadena, since 2004. We have helped thousands of students and parents over the years. Before the Governor's Stay At Home Order, we had over 125 students enrolled at three separate facilities.  Since then, we have moved our tutoring services online with YAIL Live. We are very excited about the LIVE interactive classes. We are able to supplement school remote-learning with blended learning, traditional learning, and online learning combined. With virtual classes, we are able to offer virtual tutoring to any student, regardless of location. With internet access and a laptop, desktop, or tablet, YAIL Live can be accessed anywhere in the world. We encourage Kinder-8th grade parents to take advantage of the two FREE 90-minute Live sessions, to see if our program is right for your child. Our goal is to provide much-needed help for students to stay current with the California Standards and preparedness once schools resume.


BIO Mrs Nguyen.jpg

Mrs. Nguyen

Andrea V. Lee-Nguyen

Academic & Curriculum Director:  With 16-years of experience teaching and running the after-school centers, she was able to make the smooth transition to blended learning. "Students are very attentive and focused with blended learning! No distractions and the would-be gaming device is being used for the class. I love their full undivided attention."

BIO Mr Julian.jpg

Mr. Julian

Julian Kim

Technical & Curriculum Assistant: Two years of teaching experience and another two years as a supervisor, Mr. Julian understands the complex and intricacy of any teaching operations. Helped implement YAIL Live. Currently, co-hosting all of our live classes, providing technical help for students & parents.  


Ms. Arlene

Arlene Isagulyan 

Teaching & Curriculum Assistant: Three years of teaching experience and two years as our middle school facility supervisor, she understand the middle school curriculum and is able to provide a focus for our YAIL Live classes. "Transitioning to online was easy for me and I'm able to help the student navigate their own remote learning classes and also focus on what they need to learn by the end of the year."

BIO Mr nguyen.jpg

Mr. Nguyen

Kevin Q. Nguyen

Director of Operation:

16 years of trial & error, failure, and successes of operating an after-school tutoring program, he is able to transition traditional teaching and learning to an online platform. "I want to assure our teaching staff have all the tools they need to make this transition to blended learning a success and for our students to enjoy the process and be successful in the months to come."